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Vest Strap


 Size Bust
Small 34 - 46cm
Medium 46 - 56cm
Large 56 - 66cm
XLarge 62 - 72cm

  • Material: The Vest Strap is made from quality polyester, its breathable design ensures that your pet stays cool and comfortable during walks, even on warm days. Its inner softness provides a cozy touch against your pet's skin, while the outer layer offers durability that can withstand your pet's energy and enthusiasm.
  • Precise Control: The Vest Strap ensures that walks are not just enjoyable but also controlled. With a focus on comfort and control, you can guide your pet effortlessly, enhancing your bond and communication.
  • All-Weather Function: From sunny strolls to rainy romps, the Vest Strap is ready for any weather. Its all-weather functionality guarantees that your pet's outdoor adventures are not limited by the elements.
  • Customizable Fit: With adjustable straps, you can create a custom fit that ensures your pet's comfort during every step of your journey together.


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