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Making A Difference
At Petscuddle, we believe that business is not just about transactions; it's about building meaningful connections and contributing to the greater good. As a company, we are dedicated to giving back to pets in need. Through our philanthropic efforts, we aim to create a positive impact that goes beyond the products we offer.
Our Charitable
We are proud to be involved in a range of charitable initiatives that address various social and environmental challenges. From supporting pet charities and pet shelters to partnering with global organizations for causes such as environmental conservation and healthcare access, we're committed to making a difference where it matters most.
How We Contribute
A portion of every purchase you make with us goes directly to our charitable endeavors. This means that every time you shop, you're not only acquiring exceptional products but also contributing to causes close to our heart. 
How You Can Join Us
By choosing petscuddle, you're not only supporting a business that values quality and service, but you're also contributing to a company with a social conscience. Together, we can make a significant impact on the pets in need. If you're as passionate about making a positive difference as we are, we invite you to explore our products and be a part of our mission. Thank you for being a part of our journey to create a better world.


Our pet store's philanthropic endeavors have garnered remarkable success, exemplifying our commitment to corporate responsibility. In strategic collaboration with four visionary pet organizations across the globe, we've forged impactful partnerships. Through our ongoing monthly donations, we empower these organizations to amplify their mission, channeling resources towards crucial endeavors such as medical care, sustenance, clean water provisions, and the enhancement of animal shelters. This strategic alliance symbolizes our dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of animals and the communities they touch.


At our pet store, our aspirations extend far beyond commerce; we are driven by a resolute ambition to forge impactful partnerships with a global network of visionary pet organizations. Our unwavering commitment to sustaining monthly donations propels us to extend our reach, positively influencing more charitable causes and the well-being of pets in distress. In the imminent horizon, we envisage a series of purposeful endeavors as we venture into various shelters, spearheading initiatives to elevate their facilities. With a focus on providing animals a healthier environment, we aspire to enhance shelters through construction and the integration of improved materials, further underscoring our dedication to fostering enduring change.



Pet Finder

Pet Haven

Best Friends

Paws 2 Rescue

Petfinder stands as an online, searchable hub for animals in search of homes, also housing a directory encompassing nearly 11,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations spanning the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. These organizations manage their profiles and available-pet listings independently. Harnessing the power of Internet technology and its resources, we aim to: Raise public awareness regarding the availability of top-quality adoptable pets Enhance the efficacy of pet adoption initiatives across North America, ultimately eradicating the euthanasia of adoptable pets Elevate pets' status to that of cherished family members. With the convenience of personal computers, pet enthusiasts can pinpoint pets that align with their preferences. They can also explore a shelter's webpage to learn about services offered. Petfinder further encompasses discussion forums, a resource directory for pet care, and a library of complimentary pet-care articles, all aimed at nurturing lasting pet homes.

Pet Haven's mission is to transform the lives of pets and their adoring companions by rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs and cats. Through advocating spaying and neutering, we combat pet overpopulation, while empowering the human-animal bond through resources and support. We envision a Minnesota where every pet thrives within secure and affectionate homes. We uphold excellence in service and care, prioritize community, operate with integrity, foster innovation, exhibit perseverance, demonstrate compassion, and provide a rewarding environment for volunteers. Through our Spay/Neuter Initiative Program, we tackle pet overpopulation in Minnesota. Our haven welcomes owner surrenders, offers a safe space for pets. By fostering, we ensure permanent, loving homes for cats and dogs. Our Phoenix Fund aids animals in need of specialized care. We ensure our dogs and cats find their forever families by nurturing them in foster homes. Comprehensive care, including proper nutrition, veterinary attention, behavior training, and supplies, is provided. With firsthand insights gained from in-home fostering, we match each animal with the right family.

Best Friends has grow and transformed the national network and pet lifesaving centers into hubs of innovation and motivation. We're spreading effective lifesaving strategies to shelters and rescues nationwide, impacting every community in the U.S. Our lifesaving centers and initiatives have expanded to Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Northwest Arkansas, and more. Through our extensive partner network, these tactics are being adopted throughout the country. In 2016 alone, nearly 1.5 million cats and dogs were needlessly euthanized due to lack of resources and support. Committed to change, Best Friends aims to make the entire nation no-kill by 2025. Together, we can Save Them All. Collaboratively, we're enhancing this bedrock of compassion and inclusivity to support both animals and individuals. Our aim is to ensure equitable access to cherished pets and offer every adoptable pet the warmth of a foster home instead of a shelter kennel. Our dedication extends to cultivating inclusive communities, including our own workspace, where everyone is esteemed and respected—even more so if your cat ears remain during video calls.

Paws 2 Rescue primary mission centers on aiding Romanian dogs, yet our hearts ache for all distressed animals. In alignment with Paws2Rescue’s global commitment, we annually undertake an International Project alongside our Romanian efforts. Our dedication to worldwide animal welfare persists as we support Philippine Animal Rescue Advocates (PARA), a team caring for 76 dogs, 18 puppies, and 40 cats during the challenging pandemic. Amidst low local support, our aid is crucial. Although challenges persist, we're devoted to PARA and improving animal rights, facing difficulties during lockdown. As rain season arrives, we provide essentials like dog boxes, bedding, food, vitamins, and medicine to sustain the dogs. Our past endeavors span continents, such as our impactful 2018 project in Peru, where we conducted clinics and a substantial neuter program. A lasting legacy emerged with the donation of a projector for animal care education. We've also championed causes like South Korea, participating in embassy protests and rescuing dogs from meat farms, ensuring their newfound happiness in loving homes. Through our Facebook auction page, Paws2Dream, we've raised funds to save precious lives, like Gem, Dami, and Dana, who escaped the dog meat trade and found forever families in 2017.

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